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Trial Lesson FAQs

How much does a trial lesson cost ?

Prices start from £88.

Time quoted is actual flight time.

30 minutes £ 90.00 Buy
45 minutes £ 135.00 Buy
1 hour £ 180.00 Buy
Land-Away £ 210.00 Buy
Aerobatics (30 mins) £ 110.00 Buy

How long are gift vouchers valid ?

Trial lesson gift vouchers are valid for 9 months after the date of purchase. If a voucher is required for a special occasion (e.g. birthday) let us know and we'll start the 9 months from that date.

What is a Land-Away ?

A "Land-Away" trial lesson consists of a trip to another airfield.

Land-Aways are ideal for making your special day even more special - two lots of pre-flight checks, more radio calls, the challenge of navigating to (and finding) the destination airfield and two approaches and landings.

A Land-Away is also great for people thinking of undertaking full PPL training - especially as it shows just how far even a basic training aircraft can travel in 30 mins. The airfields we normally use for Land-Aways are:

Are there any age restrictions ?

A trial lesson can be experienced at any age - though it would be beneficial for the student pilot to be tall enough to see out of the window ! (though we do have cushions).

However if the student decides to continue with lessons then they must be 16 years old before 'first solo' and 17 years old to hold a full licence.

Are there any other restrictions ?

The prices quoted above are to fly in one of our three Robin aircraft. Due to height and weight restrictions student pilots in the Robins should be a maximum of 18 stone in weight and 6' 5'' in height.

Can I bring a camera ?

You are of course welcome to bring your own camera and many of our student pilots have taken stunning photographs.

Can I bring along friends and family ?

You are welcome to bring guests along. Our club house is modern and welcoming, and guests can settle themselves in our comfy sofas whilst the student pilot is enjoying their flight.

A selection of hot and cold drinks, crisps and sweets are available at very reasonable prices.

How do I purchase a trial lesson ?

Purchase via our online shop - using PayPal for secure payment

Buy a Gift Voucher

Alternatively give us a call on the number above and we'll take your details over the phone. Either way we'll send a presentation gift voucher in the mail.

Then all you have to do is ring up and book the date and time of the trial lesson.

Flying is weather dependant e.g. there is no point in flying if the cloud is too low for a decent view. So we normally recommend also giving us a call on the morning of the trial lesson to confirm.

What else can I expect ?

The lesson begins with a briefing from your own personal instructor covering the operation of the aircraft and describing the area over which you will fly. Your instructor will also explain the controls and instruments so that you gain as much as possible from your first flight. Flying a light aircraft is very different from driving a car, but you will soon feel at home in the cockpit. If there is a specific area that you would like to fly over we will identify this on a map for you and time permitting will fly over that area.

Your instructor will accompany you to the aircraft and ensure that you are safely seated and secure in the left hand (Captains) seat of the aircraft. The right hand seat will be occupied by your flying instructor who will take you through the departure procedures before taxiing the aircraft to the runway prior to take off.

Soon you will be in the air, soaring above the spectacular scenery of the Severn valley, Cotswolds, or Forest of Dean. For many people this is enough for their first trip, just experiencing the excitement of seeing, literally, a birds eye view of the area. For most, however, the real excitement is when the instructor hands over control and begins to teach the basics of handling a light aircraft. Under your instructors watchful eye and guiding hands, you are now in control and can really experience first hand the adventure of flying.

All too quickly it is time to return to the airport and you will be able to follow through on the controls as your instructor makes an approach to the runway and lands the aircraft, finishing your first lesson in a light aircraft.

After completing your flight, your instructor will be pleased to spend a little time with you discussing all aspects of flying. For many, the trial lesson is just the beginning, and having been "bitten by the bug" they will want to carry on with further lessons. If not, you will have had an experience you will never forget.

The trial lesson is really the first step towards the Private Pilots licence and you may wish to purchase a logbook to record your first flight, since it will count towards your licence should you wish to continue. Many people from all walks of life and of all ages become pilots, and our staff will be only too pleased to give you any further information you require.

If you have any other questions then give us call on the number above and we'd love to help you.

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About to depart on a Trial Flying Lesson

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