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Our Team

All our instructors are experienced and fully qualified. They are available seven days a week, and subject to aircraft bookings, work around your schedule to meet your personal needs. They are also available all day for you to come in and ask any questions about your course. One thing we like to make sure of at the Cotswold Aero Club is to put you through your flying training efficiently, but at the same time make it enjoyable.

Phil Mathews - Cheif Flying Instructor

Phil Mathews

Chief Flying Instructor (CFI)

Phil is the main stay at Cotswold Aero Club having been associated with the flying club since the age of 17 and has now, for several years, been the owner of the club. With over 20,000 hours experience in light aircraft, and a reputation for a dry sense of humour, Phil is completely unflappable in the air.

Phil holds an ATPL, which he gained through the self-improvement route and is both a Flight Examiner and Radiotelephony Examiner.

Pete Dunkley - Instructor

Pete Dunkley


Pete has been involved in the aviation industry for several years. Prior to joining Cotswold Aero Club as a part-time flying instructor Pete enjoyed a spell in aerodrome management. His present day job is in the food hygiene industry. Flying runs in the family as his son also holds a PPL.

Max Gardner - Instructor

Max Gardner


A very experienced flying instructor who specializes in Aerobatic training. He'll take you up for just a gentle loop or work you up to competition level aerobatics. As with all the other instructors, a relaxed, but thorough approach is adopted when training and taking skill tests.

Graham Watson - Instructor

Graham Watson


Graham started his flying with the Cotswold Aero Club, gaining his PPL in 1989. Keen to share his enthusiasm for flying, he obtained his instructors rating in 2001. Graham instructs at weekends. His day job is in quality management in the nuclear industry.

Roly Robinson - Instructor

Roly Robinson


Roly was learning to fly a microlight after his job relocated to Gloucester from Manchester. A PPL holding colleague suggested that he learned to fly a 'proper' aeroplane and the flying bug struck again during a trial lesson soon afterwards. Roly is known for his 'all or nothing' attitude so, after gaining his PPL, the IMC, ATPL ground exams and CPL soon followed. The best course for him was the instructor's rating as it most definitely 'explored the envelope'. Roly looks forward to meeting more of you at the club and wishes all happy landings!

Sue Oldham and Linda White - Administrators

Sue Oldham
Linda White


A very important, but generally overlooked part of the club, is the administration - the office. Apart from handling all the paperwork, finances, and the club shop, Sue or Linda's welcoming voice can be heard helping with incoming telephone enquiries from our offices at Gloucestershire Airport at Staverton.

Winner of the Pike Trophy:
  • 1995 John Cole, CFI 1970 – 1988
  • 2016 Philip Mathews, CFI 1988 – present